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An Exercise Science Degree Can Lead to a Variety of Career Opportunities

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An exercise science degree can be an excellent choice for students interested in improving the lives of people with chronic conditions. These conditions can cause severe disability and prevent you from participating in daily activities. A degree in exercise science will allow you to contribute to research into the treatment and intervention of these conditions.

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

A Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science is a program that can prepare students for a career within the field. The curriculum focuses on both the science of exercise and the psychology of people. Lab experiences and hands on experiences in the community are part of the coursework. The degree program also provides pre-professional preparation for graduate study and appropriate professional certifications.

A student must complete 120 credit hours to earn a Bachelor of Science. This program covers all the major topics of the field as well electives that may count towards a minor, or admission to a profession program. Electives can be covered in a variety of topics, from ECG interpretation and reproductive healthcare education to coaching principles. Students will meet with an academic advisor to discuss their education goals and determine which courses best suit them.

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The degree program prepares students in order to work in the fields of exercise science and health-related areas. Dual health care certifications are possible for students who complete the degree program. They may pursue careers in the following fields: health coaches, athletic trainers, and fitness instructors. The program prepares them for graduate studies as well in exercise science, public healthcare, and exercise biology.

Exercise science careers

A degree in exercise science can lead to a variety of career opportunities. You could work in the gym, with athletes or in the healthcare industry. You can, for example, become a certified personal trainer or design exercise programs. You can also study online to pursue a variety of jobs in this field.

Many people who are interested and qualified in exercise science go into the medical field, such an exercise physiologists or geriatricians. You could also be a physician assistant. In this role, you will join a team of physicians to examine and diagnose medical conditions. Some PAs focus on sports medicine, and they often conduct physical exams for student-athletes. Some health care fields also require a graduate degree in exercise science. Many people decide to get a doctoral in exercise science to be able to conduct research and understand the theories behind exercise physiology.

As people become more health conscious, the need for health professionals is increasing. As the population ages, many seek an improved quality of life. A great way to get into the field is through exercise science. You'll find success in this field if you are passionate about helping others get the best possible health.

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Requirements to obtain a degree in exercise science

University of Florida's Department of Physical Education and Sports Science offers a degree program in exercise science. There are several prerequisite courses required. Undergraduate students must also declare their intention to major or minor in exercise science through Records Office. If the student has a grade point average of less than 2.0, he or she will be admitted on probationary status.

A bachelor's degree in exercise science can prepare students for many different career paths. This degree can help students prepare for careers in clinical rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation or occupational therapy. Graduates can go on to study exercise science.

Many exercise science graduates work with the community to improve their quality of life. They might also be responsible for overseeing budget allocations as well as strategic efforts. A graduate might choose to be a camp director. This involves overseeing camp operations, managing staff and creating a safe environment for campers. There are numerous benefits to this profession, and many job opportunities.

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An Exercise Science Degree Can Lead to a Variety of Career Opportunities