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What's Your Dream Job Job?

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You have probably heard the phrase "dream career" before. This is a term that refers any position you'd love to apply for. You could want to be an author or screenwriter. Make sure that your answer is pertinent to the position for which you are applying. You should also have passion for the field you are interested in.

Become an author

One of the best ways to become an author is to write. Writing is an art that requires discipline and creativity. It requires persistence and knowing how to edit. Learning basic word-processing software and editing techniques is an excellent way to prepare your work for sending to agents. You may need some experience writing about a specific topic or academic field. But many authors begin their career in other fields.

Make a career as a screenwriter

Screenwriting may be your path to working in the entertainment sector. However, this is a tough field. There are not many opportunities. The industry is notoriously competitive. These are the steps that will help you succeed. First, contact Hollywood producers and agents. Contact TV and movie studios.

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Become a celebrity

There are many opportunities to become a celebrity if that is what you desire. Some celebrities own companies, like The Honest Company or Fabletics. These companies need employees to handle everything, from the day to the creative. To be a celebrity in any field, you must possess exceptional talent.

Be a screenwriter

You might consider becoming a screenwriter if you're looking for a job in the entertainment business and want to be a well-known screenwriter. This kind of writing is highly sought after and you will have the opportunity to work with people all over the globe. Screenplays can easily be submitted online to major studios or companies. Additionally, you will likely meet your colleagues by Skype or over the phone. You may be invited to attend an international premiere if your screenplay is chosen for a feature movie.

Be a celebrity

There are many paths to becoming a celebrity. A lot of people choose to pursue acting and actress careers. But if they have a passion for the game, it is possible to be a sports star. You can become a star in the NBA or NFL, or become an unstoppable quarterback in the Super Bowl. You can also become a star in the minor leagues, or be a fighter in an undercard fight. However, these careers aren't for the faint of heart.

Be an author

YouGov research found that 60% Britons would like to become authors. Although being an author may be an incredibly rewarding career, it also carries some risks. First, being an author isn’t a job that is secure. Authors can be extremely insecure, lonely and paranoid. Despite these risks being present, authors are still considered the best job in Britain. They outnumber TV presenters, movie stars, and other celebrities.

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Act as an actor

Acting classes can help you realize your dreams of becoming an actor. You may be able to audition for roles in films or TV shows if you are naturally talented at acting. You can also audition for live entertainment jobs in amusement parks and cruise ships. However, it takes years of training to become an actor. You need years of practice to master your acting skills.

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What's Your Dream Job Job?