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Changing Careers at 60

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Many older workers are faced with the challenge of changing careers after age 60. There are many reasons why you should make the switch. These include climate change, cost of living and transferable skills. The AARP found that 78 percent of respondents were in a job for financial reasons. Most respondents planned to remain in their current job until they retire. However, 20 percent of those surveyed were interested in changing careers. Changes in careers after 60 are possible depending on what your skills are and where you work.

Opportunities for older workers

Changing career at 60 is possible, but finding the right job can be daunting. Many older workers have stayed in their old professions for many years, but are now in need of a change. New opportunities are emerging in fields such as social media, cybersecurity, financial regulation, global relations, and more. This segment of the market is the fastest growing, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Many employers are seeking mature workers. The labor market has never been tighter and many companies are struggling to retain and attract top talent. One survey of HR managers found that people over 55 showed the highest levels of positive engagement in the workplace. Senior workers can take on any job that is physically demanding, and they are capable of doing it all.

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Transferable skills

Strong transferable skills are a big asset for anyone considering a career switch. These skills are general, role-related or technical and can be used for a variety roles. Employers prefer these skills to a particular job title.

If you're looking for a new job but don't have much experience, a career coach can help you determine whether your skills are transferable to the new position. A career coach with experience can help you find the perfect job and match your transferable skills to it.

Cost of living

If you're looking to change careers, you'll have to figure out how much you'll have to change. To have the same lifestyle, you will need $75,000 if your current salary is $50,000. A modest increase could make all the difference in this situation. However, leaving your current job could also cost you contributions to your retirement plan. This amount should be multiplied by the number of years that you intend to work in your new job.

Impact of climate change on career change

There are many paths to a career in the field of climate change, especially for older people. You can focus on your strengths and interests. This is the most efficient way. You might be able to use your computer skills to obtain a job in the field of climate change. It may take some time for you to narrow down your options.

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Many professions are likely to be affected as climate change continues to increase. The threat to jobs in science and security, law, engineering, and architecture is real. Sea level rise will also impact jobs in natural resources.


Changing Careers at 60