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Planning Jobs – How to Post a APA Job

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If you are posting a job on Planning Jobs, you must be sure to provide all the necessary information. This includes the job title as well as the pay range and qualifications. If you do not want to use an outside organization for posting your job, be sure to post it yourself to save time. This online tool is great for job planning. Learn more. Post your job to get feedback! Planned jobs are a great way of finding a new job.

Pay ranges

The American Planning Association (APA) and the American Institute of Certified Planners, two professional organizations, annually conduct surveys to gauge compensation in the planning profession. Readex Research and APA jointly developed a website-based survey instrument to determine the average annual pay for planning professionals in various job types. This report includes detailed information on the salaries of planning professionals in different types of job roles, including federal government, development firms, and law firms.

In 2006 there were 3,700 vacant jobs for urban and rural planners. The majority of these jobs were created by people leaving the workforce. The following resources provide information on the range of pay for planning jobs in APA. They are organized by geography, education, growth, and state. O*NET allows you to compare the job duties. If you're interested in a specific career, you can narrow your search by a specific location, education level, or industry.

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Job description

Job descriptions for planning positions vary widely and can provide valuable insight into a particular role. American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), analyzed job descriptions for planning roles in cities across America and found many different functions performed. Here is a list of common planning roles and the typical responsibilities. The descriptions provide background information regarding the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in each position.

As an Assistant Planner, your role is to help create short- and long-term plans. You will prepare reports and make recommendations about land use. Coordinate activities with other agencies. Additionally, you will give technical advice and present to city board members and supervisors as well as civic groups. Your duties include working with other departments within the municipality to ensure various land uses comply with city regulations.


Planning master's degrees are required in order to work as planner. Additionally, you must have completed courses in geography, urban planning, and public policy. Communication skills must be demonstrated both in writing and oral. These skills are required by APA. There are many kinds of planning jobs. You can work for an organization, such as an historical society or a cemetery. APA is a full service staffing company.

Prerequisite: A bachelor's degree is required in a relevant field. Prior experience in senior management and urban planning is required. A minimum of one year experience in construction, zoning or subdivision regulations, historic preservation or economic development is required. In addition, you should have a track record of developing workable solutions and implementing technical decisions. If you're looking to further your education, an MBA or masters degree might be an option.

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How to post a job

To post a job to the APA website, you will need to become a member. You can register online and get a free membership to post a job. Register for an account to post a job. Log in with your credentials. Once you have become a member of APA Central Coast, you can post jobs and RFPs. You must be a Colorado member to post a job at the APA website.

APA's Jobs Online is a national job board. To post a job, you need to be a member of the association. Featured jobs include a logo and links to social media. These jobs should require less than one year of experience and be entry-level. Internships can be posted by students. These positions are typically temporary and last for three to six month.


Planning Jobs – How to Post a APA Job